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Back Taxes

Do you owe back taxes?  We’re a top rated back tax help company and we serve your area.  We specialize in helping people get on affordable payment plans to help pay back taxes and reduce the entire amount owed.  We help people everyday who owe back taxes, and we help them with tax lien, tax levy and wage garnishment issues.  In some cases we shock them with our results.  If you’d like to learn more about our back tax help services read more below, or call us now at 1-877-864-4453 to begin your no-pressure, no-cost tax analysis.

Pay Back Taxes – What We Do?

We can help with the filing of back taxes, and help reduce the total amount owed to the IRS. We have a perfect rating with the Better Business Bureau with no complaints as one of the best tax relief companies. If you’re sick of your IRS tax debt, give us a toll-free call at 1-877-864-4453 to get your free tax debt consultation or fill out our free quote form on the right to get started. Learn more below..


Back Taxes Suck – Get Help Now!

Doing nothing, will resolve nothing. People just like you call us everyday with sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax debt and are shocked to learn we can help them. Living under the burden of tax debt and simply ignoring it is not a solution. It will not go away until you enlist the help of a safe and secure tax relief company to help you resolve and in many cases, reduce your amount owed substantially. Give us a call today, nothing you do, will ever be more important.

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Tax Relief Programs

Below are a list of the top tax relief programs and services we provide with a full explanation.

Offer in Compromise

An OIC is an agreement between the taxpayer and IRS that settles the taxpayer’s tax liabilities for less than the entire amount owed. The OIC is a very good program for a particular candidate. Our knowledgeable staff of tax professionals will promptly discuss all the options you may qualify for.

Installment Agreements

There’s a variety of installment options available that can allow you to repay your tax liability in an easier way. When it comes to installment agreements, having an experienced attorney on your side who knows your rights will ensure you receive the best possible terms from the IRS or State Tax Agencies.

Tax Return Preparation

The prospect of having an attorney review and prepare your tax returns could mean hundreds or even thousands of additional dollars. Our attorneys are experts in preparing personal and business tax returns. We will pull your master file directly from the IRS database and verify what has been reported as income. Having your tax returns correctly prepared is the first step to correcting your tax problems

Penalty Abatement

Penalties can increase your tax liability by thousands of dollars. Many taxpayers may qualify for penalty relief. This service requires an understanding of what the IRS will accept as a reasonable cause for the failure to file or pay. If you have reasonable cause it must then be presented in a well documented format to the IRS for consideration. As experts we will evaluate, prepare and submit all the required information to ensure the largest possible reduction in accrued penalties.

Innocent Spouse

Innocent Spouse can release your responsibility for paying tax, interest, and penalties if your spouse (or former spouse) improperly reported items or omitted items on your tax return. The tax laws and process to file for this relief can be complicated and should be addressed by an experienced tax professional. Those in the Back Taxes area are free to give us a call. Consultation is free and you risk nothing by simply calling us now at 1-877-864-4453.

Pay Back Taxes – IRS Information.